Clerel Fractional Light


Welcome to the luxury and convenience of anti-ageing benefits at home.

Continuously striving to offer exceptional quality and value, CLEREL uses cutting edge technologies to provide consumers with extraordinary product performance.

CLEREL combines advanced red & infrared light technology that work on multiple skin layers in order to stimulate collagen & elastin production for a younger and more rejuvenated skin texture.

This advanced technology was extensively researched by NASA and was proven to be effective and safe for all skin types and tones.


Light emitting diodes technology (LED) embraces the way certain colors and wavelengths of light can be used to improve overall skin texture.


Red light therapy is a technology that uses red low-level wavelengths of light to treat skin impurities, such as scars, wrinkles, pigmentation and more.

Red light therapy helps naturally boost the process of tissue recovery and rejuvenation through stimulating blood circulation, collagen& elastin regeneration and more.

Clinical studies have shown that cells grow 150%-200% faster upon exposure to certain light wavelengths.

Red light energy at 633nm is absorbed at a cellular level, when it does- it ensures that the fibers within skin are tightened and firmed by vitalizing the cells.

CLEREL skin rejuvenation system uses 633 nm filter to redirect light energy deep into the dermis.

Red light therapy does not involve using ultraviolet light, Red light therapy is therefore considered a safe treatment for all skin types.

Since red light needs to penetrate to the dermis, the only requirement will be to keep a clean skin before use, oil residue or make up may affect the treatment results.


Blue light therapy is of a short wavelength (450-510nm), it is close to ultraviolet (UV)  light on the electromagnetic spectrum and brings the antibacterial properties of UV light, without side effects and dangers associated with UV exposure. Blue light helps detoxify the skin from bacteria that causes mild to moderate acne.

Blue light kills bacteria under the surface of the skin and relaxes inflammation, it helps calming the skin by reducing bacteria and oil.

Clerel Fractional Light