Clerel Clinical Tests


Light therapy has shown:

  • Improved skin clarity and tone
  • A reduction in inflammation and arthritis
  • A reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks
  • Reduced bacteria that cause acne
  • Increased blood flow which helps accelerating natural growth of new skin cells
  • Faster and better healing of wounds and scars
  • An accelerated production of collagen and elastin

Slide photo from side to side to see full effect

  • Before-Example 1
    After-Example 1
    Before Example 1 After
  • Before-example 2
    After-example 2
    Before example 2 After
  • Before-example 3
    After-example 3
    Before example 3 After

* Disclaimer: individual results may vary.
* Images in this page are REAL RESULTS, taken from the usability study.

Clerel Clinical Test